5 Reasons Pokémon Go will not last in India

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One single game brought back every 90s kid’s childhood memory. As most of us probably know, Pokémon GO is finally here. The absurd hype train that led up to this game had gamers and non-gamers of all ages (since Pokémon isn’t just for kids) alike thinking their childhood dreams would finally come true. They can finally roam around in their neighbourhood, in parks and where not, catching Pokemon hiding behind trees in puddles, since we’re in cities so we wander in colonies ,college, and streets ; up in the sky ready to bang our heads on poles for trying to capture it. We’d finally be able to show everyone we were the very best and catch ’em all. The Pokémon game we knew and loved would finally see the grand stage that is the real world.

But the thing is many people have a different opinion on Pokemon Go than the ones who will enjoy or are already enjoying it.

Will India Accept Pokémon Go ?

“Pokémon Go” has received a spectacular response in the countries where it has been officially released, resulting in crashing the game’s servers. The users are actively playing the game, which has almost exceeded Twitter’s 65 million users in the U.S. According to Forbes, gamers are spending twice the amount of time on “Pokémon Go” than they are on apps like Snapchat.

 “Pokémon Go” is a hit in most parts of the world, but is it bound to succeed in India? Given the current situation, the chances of success for “Pokemon Go” are minimal and here are the reasons:
“Pokémon Go” is an app based on the internet and also uses GPS to locate you on a virtual map. Since the phone is always connected to the internet while playing the game and it also updates information and maps to accurately guide the gamers. It can easily empty your data tank and result in overage charges for postpaid users or charge from the main balance of prepaid accounts. In India, as we don,t have free wifi everywhere this is gonna cause a problem.
Message- You have exhausted your Data Card…
mobile data
You are roaming around, trying to catch Pikachu and suddenly what do you see? Pikachu is sitting right on the head of this only lady. In the excitement of seeing Pikachu you just go and point your camera at her. Let me tell you, aunty will not be thrilled by seeing a stranger pointing a camera at her.
RUN! RUn! Run! They saw us..
Pokemon Go on head

Kid doesn’t seem to be amused

Streets in India and other countries are way different. Streets in India are much more complex and so is the traffic much more dangerous for a game like this. You don’t want to end up in someone’s house uninvited as we have houses on every corner nor do we want youngsters getting hit by DTC buses.
Pokemon Go india
Pokémon Go wants needs you to walk around constantly. Basically, you will not catch any Pokémon sitting in one place. Seeing everybody’s energy and enthusiasm for the game will get you to move , but every craze wears off.
Walk 5 km to break that egg?! Bye girl…
pokemon egg
 5. YOUR PHONE BATTERY HATES IT (you will too)
Pokémon Go is a resource-intensive game and uses the GPS, camera, and mobile internet together constantly to stay connected so that you can catch Jigglypuff or Pikachu. And while you play the game to work, you realise there is hardly any juice left on your smartphone to last you the entire day.
Anybody has a powerbank? 
pokemon go
 Many reasons can come up like these, but it’s all up to you. Enjoy it like a game and be safe.
 Share these reasons if you can relate to them and comment below to give us your views.

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