6 gym activities which are a waste-of-time

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Putting an hour of a gym in our timetable can be a difficult task. For the vast majority of us, a tight work schedule is one of the main reason behind not being able to spare enough time to work out. Furthermore, when a few of us do fit in some time as in an hour of workout at the gym, we indulge in wrong exercise form and activities without our knowledge.

According to the study, most fitness trainers are saying that people, who at least spend around an hour at the gym, really workout for just 25-30 minutes. Therefore, to actually make an hour workout worth your time you should put off some of the activities that are eating up your precious time.

Let us see what gym activity of yours is a waste-of-time

The main thing is we do wrong in the gym is exercise posture and activities, for example, excessive warm up exercise , stretching before weight training and sitting down between each set for minutes, which not only causes harm to the body and workout but also eats into your  valuable gym time.


Working out only on machines is not totally a thing. But the chances here are that if you are putting all your efforts on machines you are wasting half of your time at the gym. A machine workout does not give you a great effect than a freestyle workout. Specialists say that these machines were initially intended to supplement for the last part of your workout, at the time when your muscles are so geared up that you basically don’t have the strength to bear freestyle activities any further.

This is most likely the motivation behind why most of our Bollywood guys and girls, for example, Vidyut Jamwal,Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan and Farhan Akhtar consolidate gym workouts with free-form activities, for example, yoga, martial arts, and TRX  or ViPR training .

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Many people have it wrong that working out just on machines in the gym is helpful for body building.


Static stretching — Stretching muscles while the body is at rest to gradually lengthen a muscle to the point of discomfort and holding that position for 30 seconds or more. Dynamic stretching — techniques that closely mimic movements made during different exercises.      A recent study says that static stretching before a workout actually decreases muscle strength by 5.5 per cent. The purpose of static stretching is to improve flexibility and cool your body down. Therefore it is effective afterwards. To avoid injuries before a workout, you should be doing more of dynamic stretching.

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You don’t have to warm up every time you start with another set of exercise. For example, if you are combining different body parts like chest, shoulders, and triceps on a single day. You may start with the warm up with chest exercises, such as push-ups, and skip lateral raises and triceps extensions. The latter is not needed as your shoulders already get worked all along with chest exercises you do.

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When you can’t bear to spend more than an hour at the at the gym, putting 45 minutes only on cardio is a is a waste of time. Activities, for example, cycling and running raise your heart rate and helps in burning calories. But, doing just cardiovascular workouts is not a proper workout in the gym. They do not help in muscle strength and density . To do a balanced workout you have to strength training also. You can interchange between an hour of cardio and strength training each substitute day in the week, or incorporate two 30-minute sessions for each.

Running at the fitness club


It feels like a good idea to take rest between a killer set you just did. But the thing you have to take care of here is that you do that while standing up and not sitting down and chatting. Sitting right after a rigorous set will lower your heart rate too fast. Trainers suggest that light activities like walking are good between sets just to settle our breath. However, recovery techniques like sitting to cool the body down lead to regression rather than recovery.

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Whichever activity you are doing cardio or strength training , if your form is not correct, you’re doing yourself more harm than good and ultimately wasting your time. It’s a good idea to do a few low resistance practice reps before you indulge in heavy weights. While you do so, pay attention to your form so that you can get most from movement when lifting heavy weights for chest, biceps, back or legs.


So if you are doing something, do it the correct way! Make it worth your time.

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